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About Our Learn To Swim Classes

Aquatics - Learn to Swim Classes

The BLUE WAVE LEARN TO SWIM  PROGRAM is the most comprehensive swim lesson program in our area. We offer group, private, and semi-private lessons for childen and adults, as well as parent/tot classes.

Starting at 3 Years Old
Students learn to float on their front and back, learn to blow bubbles, get their face wet, kick and become comfortable in the water.  Students learn to be safe in the water and also learn to enter and exit the pool properly.  Swimmers who are able to float on their front and back, unaided, without fear or crying become eligible to move onto Level Two.

From Level One, students move to streamlining, kicking on their front and back with and without a kickboard, unaided.  Swimmers will begin to learn the fundamental arm strokes with the assistance of the instructor and they will be required to demonstrate their skills.  Once students have mastered the arm strokes and kicking techniques, they will begin to swim, unsupported, across the pool.  Upon demonstrating these skills, swimmers will become eligible to advance to Level Three.

Students at this level will start to use the correct arm strokes for freestyle and backstroke, including proper side breathing technique for freestyle.  Swimmers will start to coordinate their arms and legs with proper breathing and should be able to swim at least one-half of the length of the teaching pool.  Swimmers will also be introduced to the breaststroke kick.  Upon completing these skills, students will then advance to Level Four.

Students at Level Four are now mastering the skills they have learned and will work in the main pool.  Swimmers will improve their freestyle and backstroke, and should be able to swim further distances while refining their breathing skills and stroke technique for freestyle and backstroke.  Students will continue to work on the breaststroke kick, adding the arm strokes, while learning the proper timing of the stroke. At this level students are introduced to the butterfly kick on their front, side and back.  Upon mastering these skills, students will advance to STROKE SCHOOL.

These swimmers have progressed from the lesson phase of our program and are proficient in freestyle, backstroke, balance, and rhythmic breathing.  Swimmers will be introduced in more detail to breaststroke and butterfly and will improve their stamina.  This will help them improve their overall stroke techniques.  This is the last level of our lesson program and the firsl step toward becoming a part of our championship swim team, Blue Wave. Swimmers who have never participated in a BSAC Learn to Swim Program must be evaluated by either our Stroke School coach or Aquatics Director prior to registration.

The goal of this program is to introduce water experiences to children ages 6 months to 3 year olds.  A parent or other caregiver must accompany the child in the pool. This is a playful, no pressure group where we work on water comfort, learn age appropriate safety and swimming skills, sing songs, and play with water toys.  Parents will be given information and demonstrations on how to help their child be safe around pools and open water.  Group classes are a wonderful way for children to learn both water and social skills.  The class will be held in our warm therapy pool. Activities will include kicking on stomach and back, getting faces wet, blowing bubbles, jumps, entering & exiting water exercises.

Parent Reminders: Bring favorite water toy, swim diapers if not potty trained, swim suits, towel & sunscreen.  Sing and make it FUN!!!




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