Springboard Diving

In springboard diving, one of the hardest, yet most important, elements of performing a dive is the hurdle, as demonstrated by Team Colwill Diving student Jillian, who gives high praise to her coach, two-time Olympian Chris Colwill. “Chris is a great diving coach,” says Jillian, a diver for Bloomingdale High, at a recent [...]

What we LOVE about After School AllStars!

Mackenzie, Ella and Gwyneth at BSAC After-School All-Stars, before the winter break. “I like that we get to do our homework and then go outside and play with friends,” Ella said. Her friends concurred. For information about after-school enrichment and the spring break and summer program, call BSAC at [...]

BSAC Hires New Stroke School Academy Swim Coach

BSAC Shout-out to Kelly Cheney, right, the center's newly hired Stroke School Academy swim coach, pictured with BSAC Aquatics Director Theresa Hickie. Beginner swimmers start with freestyle and backstroke, the long-axis strokes essential for water safety. "They're the easiest strokes at a young age to learn," Cheney said. Next up, the butterfly and [...]

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