Enrichment Time

ENRICHMENT TIME Students tap into their talents, interests, passions, and skills with activities that spark curiosity and deepen their motivation to learn. Enrichment is found in the journey as much as in the destination, with an open and inquisitive attitude to explore new and familiar hobbies, past times, and pursuits. GOALS Initiative: The art of [...]

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Recreation Time

RECREATION TIME Students engage in movement and physicality to stretch their legs and engage ther minds. If play is the work of childhood, then playtime is a critical time for social, emotional, and cognitive development. Research shows through free-play children stay  fit and build a better brain for life and work. GOALS Teamwork: The art [...]

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Recharge Time

RECHARGE TIME Students regroup, reorganize, and recharge, allowing for a successful transition from the "school day" to the "after school day." Students unwind and gear up for activities predicated on their individual needs and designed to encourage them to work well with peers and engage positively with supportive adults GOALS Interpersonal Skills: The art of [...]

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Academic Time

ACADEMIC TIME Students use their minds well to solve problems, create products, draw meaning, and make connections. In short, they learn to learn, coached by counselors who observe and guide their efforts. Students invest effort to complete homework assignments of good quality and to earn top grades. GOALS Time Management: The art of ensuring there [...]

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