Mariah and Dennis Named Team Leaders of July!

Congratulations to Mariah Diaz and Dennis Moore for being chosen as the BSAC Team Leaders of July! Both team members have continuously stepped up in their respective roles to make a difference in our organization. Mariah began working at BSAC three years ago because she wanted to learn CPR and First Aid. She gained confidence [...]

Chris Colwill Announced as Georgia University Dive Coach

Chris Colwill is a two time Olympian who began diving right here at BSAC when he was only five years old. After high school, he went on to become one of the most successful divers in NCAA history and will now return to his alma mater as Georgia University Diving Coach. Out of the thirteen [...]

Behavioral Specialist on Duty!

At BSAC, our mission is to go beyond traditional programming so each child is positively impacted. To provide the best experience possible, we have hired Maureen Armstrong as our new behavioral specialist. She previously worked for the Hillsborough county school system with children who were emotionally disturbed or had learning disabilities. Maureen is certified as [...]

Learn to Swim – Earn a Chick-Fil-A Treat!

Here at BSAC our focus remains on bringing awareness to the importance of learning to swim. Florida continues to lead the nation in youth drowning rates due to the magnitude of water in our area. We strive to impact our community every day by potentially saving hundreds of lives. We are able to share the [...]

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