BSAC Topgolf Fundraiser October 21st, 2018

In effort to fulfill our mission of impacting lives daily, BSAC will be hosting its first Topgolf fundraiser on Sunday October 21st, 2018! Take a swing, share a laugh, and network with other business professionals in the Brandon area! No experience required to test your luck at the My Easy Mortgage Hole-In-One contest with a [...]

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Dance Club Practice – Video

BASE students love learning new dance moves for a brand new routine! It's also a great way to get exercise and socialize with friends after school. Check out a sneak peak of their upcoming performance below: Video Sep 28, 4 23 18 PM

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Culinary – Recipe Reading

Students make their own trail mix by following a recipe and measuring ingredients! Objectives: To strengthen culinary vocabulary by reading a recipe To learn to follow directions To use math skills to complete accurate measurements of ingredients

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Community Club – Hand Made Dog Toys

The BSAC Community Club is unique in the fact that activities are student led. Members choose creative ways to make a difference in our community! BSAC All-Stars stopped by the Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center to drop off hand-made dog toys and ask lots of questions about the process of stray or abandoned pets finding new homes. [...]

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Kingswood Leaders of the Week!

Students love having new leadership roles at Kingswood including Junior Counselor, Homework Helper, and Door Holder. Each child has been eager to step into their respective role, doing the best they possibly can for their mentors and peers.

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