Robotics Club – Team Building

Robotics club engaged in a challenge of Blindfolded Programming Robot. One person from each team was chosen to be a robot while the rest of the team were the programmers. The goal of the challenge was to see which team can program their robot by giving the robots directions to their 6 balls. Which ever [...]

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Robotics Club

Robotics Club continues building their robot challenge sets through LEGO technology and programming. Students love seeing their hard work turn into finished pieces! Parents: If you would like to see photos of your child in action at B.A.S.E., please ask for a media release form!

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Children in dance club are really enjoying time spent in BSAC's MMA room. They have a fun warm up before practicing their routine. Once that is mastered, new steps are introduced into the dance! These little balls of energy also have free dance and play time. Click for more photos!

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Culinary Club – Fresh Salsa

Students in culinary club learn how to make fresh salsa using tomatoes, onion, cilantro, lemon juice, salt & pepper. What a delicious, healthy dip for chips! They used a non-electrical blender to cut and combine ingredients before tasting their creation. Click for more photos!

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Sports Club – Soccer

Lithia Springs students begin learning the rules and regulations of soccer! Students enjoy spending time outdoors while being active and improving coordination. This is a great start to building the foundation of teamwork, friendship, and personal skill in soccer.

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