Basketball Club at Brooker Elementary

Today at Brooker Elementary, students in the basketball club had a fantastic time shooting hoops! The students helped their friends learn new skills on the court. Then the rest of the day was spent playing different games that incorporated basketball. The basketball club allows the students to practice their skills and learn new skills while [...]

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Phase 1 of the Garden Cleanup at Lithia Springs

Today the Gardening Club has begun the first phase of the plan to clean up Lithia Springs yard. For phase one the students worked together to collect yard waste that was scattered across the yard. As the students collected the waste they learned that the waste collected included weeds, flowers, grass clippings, and brush. By [...]

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Hand Art at Fishhawk Creek Elementary

The BASE students at fishhawk elementary created colorful art using their very own hand! To begin their project each of the students traced the outline of their hand to the paper, then with markers and paints the students created their own masterpieces! The students enjoyed crafting something so creatively that they had never thought of [...]

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Arts & Crafts Impressionist Art by Monet at Lithia Springs

The BASE students at Lithia Springs learned about famous impressionist artist Claude Monet from Paris who began experimenting with art around the same age as many of the students. The students learned about how Monet used art as a way to express himself which gave him the ability to create the beautiful pieces we still [...]

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Arts & Crafts Picasso Clay Faces at Fishhawk Creek

To create their Picasso Clay Faces the students learned about the concept behind each of Pablo Picasso's art pieces. The students learned that although a lot of Picasso's pieces made them laugh because of how silly they looked they were actually created by the artist combining multiple points of view of one object into one [...]

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