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After-School All-Stars

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BSAC is a state-licensed child care facility, consistently providing quality programming in a healthy, enriching atmosphere.




Individual: $80/Family: $100


Weekly rate: $80
Yates weekly rate: $70
Middle School rate: $60
Academic Tutoring: $15/45 minute session
After School Drop-In: $20
Full Day Drop-In: $40
Full Day weekly rate: $150

After-School students have the option to participate in a variety of clubs at no additional cost.  All club curriculum is tied to Sunshine State Standards. These extracurricular clubs are intended to fill learning gaps and develop personal interests and hobbies. Registration for clubs is a first come first serve basis. Clubs cannot be filled past maximum capacity. Fall club options are listed below:

Join the BSAC Culinary Club! Students will learn how to safely prepare healthy meals and snacks while using basic cooking tools like measuring cups. The Culinary Club will provide well-rounded curriculum by covering meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Students will learn how to read nutrition labels, recipes, and budget meals accordingly. This club will explore foods from all around the world and teach corresponding history of regions. Students will also have the opportunity to hear from guest speakers and community partners throughout the Culinary Club experience. Practice making your child’s favorite recipes at home as a family!

Join the BSAC Sports Club to practice a wide range of activities both on and off the field. Members will not only learn how to play different sports, but also have the opportunity to join BSAC sports teams throughout the year including kickball, cup stacking, dodgeball and soccer. Club teams will travel to the BSAC main location at the end of each quarter to compete in a tournament against other schools. All members must have a signed permission slip for their student to participate on a “travel” team. All members will learn about the history, science, and math behind each sport while practicing teamwork skills.

The Crafty Kids Club is for students who love to explore their imagination! Members will cut, paint, paste, and mold to create unique arts and crafts. Students will learn about corresponding holidays, artists, and impactful movements throughout history. The Crafty Kids club will cover various artistic techniques and methods while utilizing math and science skills to achieve desired results.

The BSAC Dance Jam Kidz Club will allow students to move to their own funky beat! Members will learn different dancing styles and put on a final showcase for family and friends. This club will teach basic dance steps and choreography while covering the cultural history behind various dancing styles. This is a great opportunity for children to express individuality and work with others to achieve performance goals.

The BSAC Care Club will allow students to lead community projects in the Brandon area. This community involvement experience will really be what the children choose to put their time and effort into organically. This club is all about learning how to respect others and make a difference. Students will learn about influential community members through guest speaker interactions. Students will learn how to raise money and budget projects accordingly. This club will encourage problem solving skills and teamwork as students work together in groups to achieve a goal.

3…2…1…Blast off with this year’s FIRST Robotics Competition all about space! Members will use their imagination (plus science, engineering, and math skills) to cultivate solutions to real-world problems. Together, the team and their robot will work together on “missions” and compete against our other sites to be the first to reach the stars!

I can’t express how happy I am to have found BSAC’s after-school program. My son just started Kindergarten, a year of big changes in his young life. And, as a working mom, I had to find an afterschool program that picks up at his school. I selected one (not BSAC) and from the beginning it did not feel right, it was not a fit for us and Benjamin seemed unhappy. Since he told me he liked it, I chalked his reserve up to all the big changes… new school, new routine, new after-school program. But, I was always unsettled. My older son attended summer camp at BSAC several years ago and I decided to check into the after-school program.

Well, I can say it was the absolute best decision. The difference between BSAC and our other provider is night and day with the most noticeable difference being how happy Benji is now. He’s bouncy, chatty and eager to talk about his day, which was not something I got before. He loves going to BSAC. I see a big difference in his confidence and his exuberance. It’s obvious that BSAC is a nurturing environment and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. It might seem weird to hear, but I was thrilled when Benji looked disappointed that I was picking him up early one afternoon. He was having fun. Not wanting to leave is the ultimate kid test of any provider, and BSAC passed! He loves the counselors and he’s also taking swim classes twice a week, which he is enjoying. The outdoor physical activity at BSAC is perfect for kids in my opinion, especially in this age of electronics. The facility is clean, spacious and full of activities for kids of all ages.

Simply put, BSAC clearly makes kids the priority. The front desk staff is amazing, they are so helpful and responsive. The counselors clearly enjoy working with children and that makes all the difference in the world. I would recommend BSAC to anyone looking for an after-school program.

Thank you BSAC for all you and your team do!

With sincere gratitude, Wendy Sheaffer

Brandon Sports and Aquatic Center has exceeded my expectations. The program is absolutely amazing, and the staff is just terrific. Everyone is super friendly. Best of all – they are totally ENGAGED with the children. My son is in the 1st grade and is also hard of hearing. The entire staff has been so wonderful at understanding the small challenges he faces. After just a few days they fell into a routine that works for him. It is a perfect balance of an extension of his school day and playtime with his peers. It’s so great to get home after a long day and his homework is completed, allowing us quality family time. Thank you so much BSAC!

Thank you, Shayla Shane
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