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Meet the BSAC After-School

Experience Team at Kingswood!

Brandi Hooper
Brandi HooperDirector of B.A.S.E.

Brandi studied Elementary Education at the University of South Florida and earned Directors Credentials through the Department of Children and Families.  She has participated in the education of young minds for the past 15 years including teaching VPK at BSAC.

Brandi has been involved in the community as a Board Member, youth soccer coach, and team parent. She has three children with her husband of 17 years and enjoys watching her family participate in extra-curricular activities.

“BSAC’s B.A.S.E. program provides an opportunity for your child to have different experiences in activities such as Culinary, Robotics, Sports, Community Service, Art, and Dance all while connecting them with the community around them and learning valuable life skills such as leadership, cooperation, and problem-solving.  Our goal is to impact their lives and to teach them how they can impact others.” – Brandi

Morgan Syzmanski
Morgan SyzmanskiKingswood Site Director

This year, we are thrilled to welcome Morgan as our new B.A.S.E. Director of Curriculum and Kingswood Elementary Site Director.

Morgan graduated from Florida State University with a bachelor’s degree in humanities and a minor in museum studies before completing her master’s degree in museum education. She brings valuable experience from her time planning educational programming for the Museum of Florida History before joining us at BSAC. Morgan also spent one month abroad in Italy for an archeological dig regarding the pre-roman era.

“We aren’t offering more school. We’re offering educational reinforcement by planning fun, innovative, and collaborative activities.” – Morgan

CameronKingswood Mentor

Cameron is a Mass Communications student with a passion for theater. He has big dreams to work on film sets and pursue a career in acting. You can find him teaching the dance club at Kingswood Elementary this year, showing his students everything he knows. He hopes to help shy kids show different sides of their personality and push them out of their comfort zones.

“I can’t wait to teach kids different acting skills. They have a lot of characters they want to portray, so why not portray them on stage?” – Cameron

TarynKingswood Mentor

Taryn first joined the BSAC team in preparation for her career in elementary education! As a returning counselor, she can’t wait to see how her students have grown and changed from the previous school year.  Taryn was the captain of her high-school soccer team and now plays on an adult league a few times a week. Stay tuned to see how her team performs in the BSAC Sports Club Championships!

“I want to show them that if they’re having a bad day, I care about them and the people here love them, even if things are rough at home.” – Taryn.

RachelKingswood Mentor

Miss Rachel is an outgoing second year BASE Mentor at Stowers Elementary. She has previous experience in childcare and customer service with a heart that is ready to serve. In her spare time she enjoys going to the beach, reading, and spending time with friends. Rachel looks forward to structured activities when teaching the robotics and gardening club this school year.

“I just love building relationships with the kids –  playing with them and encouraging them. Its cool seeing them super excited to see us. They can count on me if they ever need anything, like if they have a bad day or they don’t know who to go to. That trust relationship. They can always count on me for that.” – Rachel.