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Meet the BSAC After-School

Experience Team at Stowers!

Brandi Hooper
Brandi HooperDirector of B.A.S.E.

Brandi studied Elementary Education at the University of South Florida and earned Directors Credentials through the Department of Children and Families.  She has participated in the education of young minds for the past 15 years including teaching VPK at BSAC.

Brandi has been involved in the community as a Board Member, youth soccer coach, and team parent. She has three children with her husband of 17 years and enjoys watching her family participate in extra-curricular activities.

“BSAC’s B.A.S.E. program provides an opportunity for your child to have different experiences in activities such as Culinary, Robotics, Sports, Community Service, Art, and Dance all while connecting them with the community around them and learning valuable life skills such as leadership, cooperation, and problem-solving.  Our goal is to impact their lives and to teach them how they can impact others.” – Brandi

Felicia Ramdour
Felicia RamdourStowers Assistant Site Director

Felecia is a VPK teacher at BSAC who is also entering her second year as Assistant Site Director at Stowers. She looks forward to working with her team and getting to know the new parents. Felicia loves being a positive role model for both the children and counselors. In her spare time, Felicia loves working on her family’s cars. She is even part of a family oriented car crew that periodically rides together. When she’s not working on cars, you can find her beautifying her saltwater fish tank.

“I am looking forward to meeting the new students and counselors! It feels great working with parents and teaching my staff proper communication skills” – Felicia.

Morgan Szymanski
Morgan SzymanskiDirector of Curriculum

This year, we are thrilled to welcome Morgan as our new B.A.S.E. Director of Curriculum! She will also be the site director for Kingswood Elementary.

Morgan graduated from Florida State University with a bachelor’s degree in humanities and a minor in museum studies before completing her master’s degree in museum education. She brings valuable experience from her time planning educational programming for the Museum of Florida History before joining us at BSAC. Morgan also spent one month abroad in Italy for an archeological dig regarding the pre-roman era.

“We aren’t offering more school. We’re offering educational reinforcement by planning fun, innovative, and collaborative activities.” – Morgan

DerekStowers Mentor

Derek started working at BSAC four years ago and has enjoyed everything he has learned along the way. His experience as a mentor will be extremely beneficial as he continues working with children in the future. He plans to be a P.E. teacher within the next two years before pursuing a career in coaching soccer. Outside of BSAC, Derek enjoys everything related to sports including playing sports related video games, watching sports games on TV and practicing soccer. You can find him teaching the sports club at Stowers Elementary this school year.

“I think I give kids a different kind of guidance that is sometimes lost today. I help students become mentally tough and get thicker skin that they are going to need throughout life. It’s not so much solving their problems for them but teaching them how to solve their own problems.” – Derek

Joe Stowers Mentor

Mr. Joe is a returning BSAC Mentor at Stowers Elementary. He has spent 16 years teaching fourth and fifth grade students in the computer lab and plans to bring his science background into the robotics club curriculum. Outside of Stowers, Mr. Joe likes running and spending time with his daughters.

“The clubs sound really exciting. Robotics will be a great opportunity for the kids and I want to be a part of that. I look forward to getting to know the students and being there to listen, help, and support them.” – Joe.

KinzeyStowers Mentor

Kinzey has enjoyed being around children her entire life and comes to BSAC after 8 years of experience as a babysitter and nanny. She looks forward to being a positive influence and can’t wait to dive into club curriculum. Kinzey is constantly looking for new, effective teaching methods that are unique to each child’s learning style. She is studying to be a paralegal and plans to attend law school. Outside of BSAC, she enjoys baking, cooking, and making art.

“I want to teach my students how to be kind and positive in everything they do.” – Kinzey.

KellenStowers Mentor

Kellen is a returning Stowers counselor that loves playing soccer with his students! He appreciates the interactive components of the BASE clubs and cant wait for the new curriculum this year! Kellen plans to continue working with children throughout his life by pursuing the rewarding career of pediatric nursing. In his spare time, Kellen enjoys fishing, boating, and playing soccer. Watch out, he plans on taking first place for Stowers this quarter in the BSAC Sports Club Championships!

“I can’t wait to see all the kids again. I love impacting lives and making a real difference.” – Kellen

ToriStowers Mentor

Tori decided to join the BSAC team as a Stowers Mentor after realizing she wanted to work with children like her mother, who teaches pre-kindergarten. She dreams of being a veterinarian or school counselor in the future. Tori loves engaging her students in conversation to build a personal connection. In her spare time, Tori enjoys photography and dancing. You can find her teaching culinary and gardening clubs this year.

“I like it when kids try something they have never tried before and end up loving it”- Tori.

LanaiKingswood Mentor

You can tell Lanai has a passion for saving lives because she was previously a lifeguard with plans to become a firefighter! Lanai will be bringing her experience in community service to the Community Club at Stowers. She hopes to teach her students the importance of responsibility, proper communication, and empathy while being a fun counselor at the same time. You can also find her instructing the Arts & Crafts Club this year.

“I will be so fun to see what the kids come up with in these two clubs. Their imaginations are crazy right now, they can do anything.” – Lanai

VanessaStowers Runner

Vanessa joins BSAC after gaining previous experience in after-school programming and volunteering at Camp Christina. She loves music and will be traveling to Carnegie Hall with her orchestra playing both the viola and violin. Vanessa hopes to encourage positivity and bring her students out of their shells this school year.

“I hope they can look up to me as being a leader. Maybe they will want to work here when they are older too.” – Vanessa.