At BSAC, our mission is to go beyond traditional programming so each child is positively impacted. To provide the best experience possible, we have hired Maureen Armstrong as our new behavioral specialist. She previously worked for the Hillsborough county school system with children who were emotionally disturbed or had learning disabilities.

Maureen is certified as a non-violent crisis intervention specialist, handling situations before they escalate too far out of control. Her role is to redirect children to good “green” behaviors by clearly explaining what is expected of them. “Just because they get mad doesn’t mean they can do whatever they want to do” said Maureen. “I help them understand right from wrong.”

Our after-school and summer camp children will have a designated person to talk to about problems and conflicts. This can be anything from hurt feelings over secrets, to learning how to control emotions in frustrating situations. One large objective is helping kids understand how their actions affect others and how they would feel if someone did the same things to them. It can be difficult to teach boundaries like personal space and consideration at such young ages.

“I love BSAC, I really do” said Maureen. “The most rewarding part is seeing the kids change over time. They start to listen and come to me. It’s a neat feeling to make a difference in their lives.”

Maureen grew up in Buffalo NY but has lived in Brandon for the past 18 years. She has been happily married for the past 22 years and loves her two dogs, an Aussie named Buddie and a Bicheon named Chloe.

Welcome to the BSAC family Maureen! We can’t wait to see your positive influence in the lives of our members.



Written By: Carli Walko

BSAC Director of Marketing