Spooktacular Parent’s Night Out

Join us for a Spooktacular evening of fun! This parent's night out event will include pizza, swimming, costumes, and activities for ages 5-14. To sign up, please register through Amilia or call member services at (813)689-0908. ACTIVITIES: Costume Contest Pool Time Bobbing for Apples (with chopsticks) Mummy Wrap – A team race of mummies & [...]

Spooktacular Parent’s Night Out 2019-10-25T14:50:34+00:00

Human Tinfoil Sculptures inspired by Giacometti

Today the students at Bevis were inspired by Alberto Giacometti. Giacometti is a famous artist known for his sculptures of the human form. The kids had a great time choosing which of their friends to base their models off of. After they chose a friend, the students sketched stick figures then shaped tinfoil into the [...]

Human Tinfoil Sculptures inspired by Giacometti 2019-10-11T16:47:22+00:00