Gardening at Brooker Elementary

Today the gardening club students prepared the land for planting! The students learned the correct way to pull weeds and clear the land. After pulling all of the weeds in the desired location students cleared out the grass and rocks. Now the land is ready for their garden!

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Brooker Elementary Thank You Project

This week, the Gardening Club at Brooker Elementary shared their thanks to the front office at the school for all of their wonderful help throughout the years. The students crafted a fantastic poster and even created beautiful flower arrangements for the office!

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Spooktacular Parent’s Night Out

Join us for a Spooktacular evening of fun! This parent's night out event will include pizza, swimming, costumes, and activities for ages 5-14. To sign up, please register through Amilia or call member services at (813)689-0908. ACTIVITIES: Costume Contest Pool Time Bobbing for Apples (with chopsticks) Mummy Wrap – A team race of mummies & [...]

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Impressionist Art by Monet at Brooker Elementary

The BASE students at Brooker Elementary learned all about the famous impressionist artist Claude Monet for today's art project. Then the students tried their best to replicate their own version of Monet's most famous painting “Water Lilies”. After planning their art piece, they pasted different colors of tissue paper onto the page to create the [...]

Impressionist Art by Monet at Brooker Elementary 2019-10-11T18:37:13+00:00

Basketball Club at Brooker Elementary

Today at Brooker Elementary, students in the basketball club had a fantastic time shooting hoops! The students helped their friends learn new skills on the court. Then the rest of the day was spent playing different games that incorporated basketball. The basketball club allows the students to practice their skills and learn new skills while [...]

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