Community Club Visits ECHO

Students in the BSAC Community Club brought their collected canned goods to ECHO of Brandon. This project was very successful as students learned about fundraising and giving to others in need. We would like to thank everyone who donated to make this possible! A whopping 739.8 pounds of food was donated, which will help 37 [...]

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LivyO’s Thanksgiving Field Trip

Students prepared for Thanksgiving dinner by learning proper etiquette, how to set a table, and how to cook tasty dishes the whole family will enjoy. LivyO's Catering engaged the children by encouraging open discussions and participation in meal preparations. This field trip was a great opportunity for students to become more comfortable in the kitchen, [...]

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Robotics Club

Students in the Robotics Club build the base to one of their robots. Working with counselor Denise, the children followed LEGO robotics curriculum to construct a base, add wheels, and attach the base to the rest of the robot. The students enjoyed working together and took turns adding pieces to finish this segment of the [...]

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Arts & Crafts – Gratitude Turkeys

Students think about what they're most thankful for in life then share with peers! We love this activity because it encourages students to talk about positive experiences and share memorable moments with friends. They also get to bring home a cute turkey for the fridge just in time for Thanksgiving! Click for more photos.  

Arts & Crafts – Gratitude Turkeys 2018-11-16T20:57:13+00:00

Hillsborough County Fire Dept. Visits BSAC

After-School All-Stars had a wonderful experience with firemen from the Hillsborough County Fire Department. Students had an up close and personal tour of a working fire engine where they were able to learn about various tools and instruments used on the job. They were able to pick up gear worn in emergency situations and listen [...]

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Kids Community Club – Food Drive

After-school students in the BSAC Community Club are making an impact by running a food drive for E.C.H.O. of Brandon, an organization striving to end hunger in southeastern Hillsborough County. The food drive will run from October 25th – November 16th for After-School All-Stars, and November 5th – November 16th for students in B.A.S.E. Students [...]

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Children in dance club are really enjoying time spent in BSAC's MMA room. They have a fun warm up before practicing their routine. Once that is mastered, new steps are introduced into the dance! These little balls of energy also have free dance and play time. Click for more photos!

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Culinary Club – Fresh Salsa

Students in culinary club learn how to make fresh salsa using tomatoes, onion, cilantro, lemon juice, salt & pepper. What a delicious, healthy dip for chips! They used a non-electrical blender to cut and combine ingredients before tasting their creation. Click for more photos!

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