Robotics Club Gets A Guest Speaker!

Diane Laura, DEVELOP Program Manager at NASA Langley Research Center, volunteered her time to speak to the robotics club about her job at the NASA Langley Research Center. She gave the club examples of jobs and situations that required robotic/engineering/programming skills to accomplish. The kids got a chance to ask her questions and learn more [...]

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Mermaid Camp has Successful December Debut

BSAC’s Mermaid Camp had a successful debut in December, offering an unforgettable experience for young swimmers between the ages of 5-12. For the very first time, pink and blue tails filled our heated, Ken Hagan Community Learn to Swim Pool. Lifeguard and resident mermaid, Mariah Diaz, led the 5 day course which covered everything from [...]

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Free Play!

Sports and recreational programming is a vital part of a healthy community.  This concept began with Jane Addams, the mother of social work, when she created the Hull House in Chicago as part of the children’s play movement in the 1900’s. BSAC is central in the theoretical framework of how to develop a healthy community by [...]

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