Arts & Crafts – Flower Power!

Students make their own roses out of pencils and coffee filters! This fun activity allowed students to express creativity while learning about the growing popularity of recycled art. This activity also covered information about various flowers that can be seen in our community.

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Dance Club Practice

Students watch Assistant Site Director, Michael Daniels, as he shows students the next steps in the group dance sequence. It's so much fun to see the excitement on a students face when all their hard work pays off and they can perform the dance on their own from memory! This club is a fun way [...]

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Arts & Crafts – Rocking New Vocabulary

Students always vote painting rocks in their top favorite arts & crafts activities. To encourage language development and artistic skills, we learned new words and had the students add these vocabulary words to their rocks! By talking about definitions and spelling words out in a fun way, students are more likely to remember their fun, [...]

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Arts & Crafts – The Shape of Me & Other Stuff

Students listened to The Shape of Me & Other Stuff by Dr. Suess before cutting their own unique shapes to later be used collaboratively on a large wall mural/bulletin board. Students could not use stencils or drawing utensils to create their shapes, only scissors. Everyone’s shape is unique, different, and equal!

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