Celebrating Halloween at Kingswood

Students at Kingswood celebrated Halloween by choosing their favorite pumpkin and decorating it with their friends! Then the students ended the day by creating ghost-themed poppers. The students enjoyed getting into the Halloween spirit before going home to trick or treat!  

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Making Slime at Kingswood

With the help of the counselors, students mixed borax, Elmer's glue and different colors to create slime! The students had so much fun learning how to combine the two products to create something so fun. After the activity, students were able to bring home the information about slime making so that they can even make [...]

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Tampa Bay Lightning Visits Kingswood Elementary!

The BASE students at Kingswood Elementary were visited by the Tampa Bay Lightning’s street hockey team. The players taught students about hockey and shared about their awesome experience being on the team. Students were able to learn awesome hockey skills from the players as well as learn more about what it means to be a [...]

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Spooktacular Parent’s Night Out

Join us for a Spooktacular evening of fun! This parent's night out event will include pizza, swimming, costumes, and activities for ages 5-14. To sign up, please register through Amilia or call member services at (813)689-0908. ACTIVITIES: Costume Contest Pool Time Bobbing for Apples (with chopsticks) Mummy Wrap – A team race of mummies & [...]

Spooktacular Parent’s Night Out 2019-10-25T14:50:34+00:00

Inspired by Picasso at Kingswood

With the use of different colored clay, students at Kingswood Elementary formed their very own clay faces! Before they began the activity students learned about the famous artist Pablo Picasso. Picasso is known for his establishment of Cubism art. Students enjoyed forming the clay to create silly designs while demonstrating Picasso's art concepts!

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Hand Art at Kingswood

Students at Kingswood Elementary traced their hands on paper to start their cool 3D abstract art project. By following directions, students learned how to make the outline of their hand looks like it is moving off the page! Students enjoyed learning such a cool art technique with their own hands!

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Tallest Tower STEM Challenge at Kingswood

Today students completed the Tall Tower STEM Challenge! The students worked together to develop a tower out of tin foil, tape and popsicle sticks. Before they began the student's development plans with their group that would help them create the best tower! The students had fun creating their towers and testing its strength!

Tallest Tower STEM Challenge at Kingswood 2019-11-19T19:08:32+00:00

Inspired by Monet at Kingswood

With the use of tissue paper, students worked to create their own masterpieces reflecting the impressionist art abilities made famous by Claude Monet! Students ripped the colorful tissue paper into new and interesting shapes then pasted them onto their canvas to create a new design. The final result was just as eye-catching as Monet’s original [...]

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