LivyO’s Hosts Culinary Club

We would like to thank Livy O’s for hosting Culinary Club at Stowers Elementary School, teaching students not only kitchen terminology, but also how to measure ingredients and read recipes. Chef Lennise showed students how to make fresh fruit and yogurt parfaits with honey! This delicious yet healthy treat was a crowd pleaser, try making it with your child [...]

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Dance Club Practice – Video

BASE students love learning new dance moves for a brand new routine! It's also a great way to get exercise and socialize with friends after school. Check out a sneak peak of their upcoming performance below: Video Sep 28, 4 23 18 PM

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Culinary – Recipe Reading

Students make their own trail mix by following a recipe and measuring ingredients! Objectives: To strengthen culinary vocabulary by reading a recipe To learn to follow directions To use math skills to complete accurate measurements of ingredients

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