Kids Community Club – Food Drive

After-school students in the BSAC Community Club are making an impact by running a food drive for E.C.H.O. of Brandon, an organization striving to end hunger in southeastern Hillsborough County. The food drive will run from October 25th – November 16th for After-School All-Stars, and November 5th – November 16th for students in B.A.S.E. Students [...]

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Goodbye Noah!

Noah has been with BSAC from the very start of our BASE program and joined us for Camp BSAC this past summer. He is an energetic, outgoing 3rd grader who was adored by each mentor at Stowers. He loved to be a helper and was also part of the Robotics team. Noah’s mom recently took [...]

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Pumpkin Painting

Students at Stowers Elementary work hard to paint pumpkins for BSAC's pumpkin painting contest! The best pumpkin from Stowers will compete against the best pumpkin from each B.A.S.E. location.

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Robotics Club – Team Building

Robotics club engaged in a challenge of Blindfolded Programming Robot. One person from each team was chosen to be a robot while the rest of the team were the programmers. The goal of the challenge was to see which team can program their robot by giving the robots directions to their 6 balls. Which ever [...]

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