Hillsborough County Fire Dept. Visits Lithia Springs

Students has a wonderful experience interacting with fireman while learning about their role and duties in the community. Fireman gave a first class tour of the truck while explaining the uses for various tools and instruments. Students also had a wear demonstration, and held pieces of gear worn when going into burning buildings. On behalf [...]

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Arts & Crafts – Gratitude Turkeys

Students share what they're most thankful for by making gratitude turkeys! We love this exercise because students engage with their peers, share stories, and remember things that make them happy. Plus, they bring home the cutest paper turkeys to hang on the fridge for Thanksgiving. Click for more photos.

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Kids Community Club – Food Drive

After-school students in the BSAC Community Club are making an impact by running a food drive for E.C.H.O. of Brandon, an organization striving to end hunger in southeastern Hillsborough County. The food drive will run from October 25th – November 16th for After-School All-Stars, and November 5th – November 16th for students in B.A.S.E. Students [...]

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Hillsborough County Fire Department to Visit all BSAC After-School Sites

Every year, fire safety is taught in schools across the state of Florida. BSAC’s after-school students have had the special opportunity to reinforce fire safety education through visits from the Hillsborough County Fire Department. Providing children with a visual, hands on experience not only reinstates the importance of fire precautions, but also gives students an [...]

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Spooky Haunted House

B.A.S.E. students at Lithia Springs used Halloween decorations made throughout the month of October to decorate their very own haunted house! The house was constructed using lunch tables in the cafeteria combined with lots of imagination! The students loved walking their parents through the house to share their art and get a piece of candy to [...]

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