BASE Offers New Clubs & New Locations

The BSAC After-School Experience (BASE), is bringing back its most popular after-school clubs in addition to exciting new options! After a long day, students can look forward to spending time with their friends while developing personal interests and hobbies in Culinary, Arts & Crafts, Robotics, LEGO’S (intro to Robotics), Community Service, Gardening, Odyssey of the [...]

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Water Safety Lessons

With summertime just around the corner, we felt it was extremely important to give our students a quick lesson on water safety. With the help of the Director of Aquatics at BSAC, Theresa Hickey, students were taught the importance of practicing safe habits while having fun in the water.

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Marshmallow Towers

Today students were challenged to make 3-dimensional structures using marshmallows and toothpicks. By using their creativity and engineering skills, students were able to create many different designs, such as cubes.

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Cup Stacking

Using plastic cups, paper, and brains, students were encouraged to create stacked towers. Students learned about balance and how using a platform, such as a piece of paper, would allow them to stack their cups and create a sturdy tower.

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Camp BSAC Open House

Camp BSAC hosted a public open house to give potential summer camp guests and parents an inside look at all of the fun activities we offer! Students played minute to win it games, had access to the pool, and played life-size hungry hungry hippo. While parents were able to play, sign their kids up for [...]

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