BSAC would like to congratulate the Team Leaders of September, Jeff Clark and Hayden Schmitt! Their extra hours of hard work have not gone unnoticed, as this award is given based off submissions from fellow employees. The team member appreciation program allows us to recognize outstanding individuals and share their experience.

Jeff Clark, BSAC Director of Maintenance, joined us in March after spending 21 years in management roles at Walmart. His phenomenal work ethic has showed through the completion of numerous large projects on our campus including lobby renovations, exterior building beautification, maintenance upgrades, and more!

“Since I started at BSAC, I’ve been inspired by the rest of the team to be driven and get things done,” said Clark. “They help me motivate myself to be a team player.”

Even in the blazing heat of the summer, you can find Jeff making an impact around our campus to ensure everything runs smoothly for BSAC families. Although Jeff is quite the handyman, he can’t do it all alone. Multiple BSAC mentors were recruited to assist in the evenings and their small, but mighty, team is still looking to grow!

“I really enjoy working at BSAC,” said Clark. “I love that it’s so family oriented and community driven. We are continuing to grow so we can impact even more people in our community.”

In his spare time, Jeff likes spending time with his four children and their family cats.

Lifeguard Hayden Schmitt started working at BSAC in 2012, balancing his position on and off while studying for a degree in Geology at the University of South Florida.  Hayden was a Boy Scout when he first heard about BSAC. He proceeded to build all BSAC lifeguard stands as his Eagle Scout project before getting certified and joining the team. His parents were also lifeguards when they were young, plus he had always been an excellent swimmer.

“I love being a lifeguard at BSAC because I like the organization,” said Schmitt. “They do a lot for kids so I like being able to help them maintain the facility and make sure everybody is safe.”

Surprising to many, being a lifeguard comes along with a mixed bag of odd jobs including pressure washing, cleaning, minor first aid, setting up and tearing down equipment, directing people around the campus, and of course saving lives.

“My best moments here were times I was able to really help people in emergency situations,” said Schmitt. “I find it pretty rewarding.”

Hayden is being recognized for going above and beyond in his duties, working well with others, and always trying his best. In his spare time, Hayden enjoys spending time with his friends, playing video games, and reading about geology phenomena.

On behalf of everyone at BSAC, we’d like to thank both of these outstanding team members for their lasting impact in our organization. If you see them around the campus, be sure to help us congratulate them on this honorable achievement!




Written By: Carli Walko – BSAC Director of Marketing