COVID-19 Update: March 27

BSAC Families,

We wanted to continue to keep you informed of what is happening here at BSAC, but first, more than anything, we want you to know that we miss seeing and serving you every day. We know that there are many things coming at you daily, and with the current Stay Safer at Home ordinance being passed, we want everyone to continue to stay healthy, practice social distancing and spend this time to connect with family and friends.

As we are currently closed to ensure the health and well-being of you and our BSAC team, our main goal is to continue to work behind the scenes to get ready for a target date of April 15th to reopen. This aligns with the Hillsborough County Public Schools’ goal, and as we approach that date, we’ll continue to give you more and more information as it comes to us. Behind the scenes, we are continuing to clean, disinfect, plan curriculum and activities, organize training videos for our staff and prepare our team to provide an even better experience in our five pillars of impact when we reopen for business.

We are sure that many of you know the impact that this is having on our national, state and local economies, and non-profit organizations like BSAC are definitely getting hit hard. We depend so much on you and your support so we can serve special needs families, families in need of financial support, children needing childcare, and children and adults in our recreation, health and wellness programs. While currently we are not able to serve our families onsite, we want to make sure we have the resources available when we do reopen to have the same quality, impactful programs you depend on from us.
As we continue to work together in this ever-changing time, we will be putting out communication to specific programs to keep them abreast of upcoming opportunities, ways to stay engaged with BSAC and avenues where you may be able to help our non-profit. There are so many opportunities to support us in these times whether it be through donations, keeping your weekly or monthly program fees coming in even though we are closed or even just reaching out to our team like we are to you today to continue to build those meaningful relationships.
For more information on what Hillsborough County is doing regarding COVID-19:
Please Click Here 
On behalf of our board, leadership and staff teams, please be safe, stay healthy and stay positive! We are chomping at the bit to get you all back so we can impact you and your families even more. Again, we appreciate you and will continue to give you important updates as needed on our website and BSAC Facebook and Instagram pages.
Thank you,
Your BSAC Team