Every year, fire safety is taught in schools across the state of Florida. BSAC’s after-school students have had the special opportunity to reinforce fire safety education through visits from the Hillsborough County Fire Department. Providing children with a visual, hands on experience not only reinstates the importance of fire precautions, but also gives students an insight on what it’s like to be a firefighter in the Brandon community.

“The students are just little sponges,” said Scott Vittoe, Hillsborough County Fire Department Caption. “Every question is really just a story about this one time. They all want to share and they’re all so excited to see what we do. They take as much as we can give them, it’s awesome.”

After a wear demonstration, students at Stowers Elementary were able to hold pieces of fireman gear including a helmet, gas mask, tank, boots, and gloves while learning about their uses.

“My favorite part was when I got to pick up the tank and walkie,” said Damion, 3rd grade. “It was cool pretending I was a firefighter talking into the walkie.”

Students also had an up-close and personal tour of a working firetruck. As the fireman moved around the truck, little hands shot up at each opportunity, yearning for additional information. These opportunities not only inform young children, but also foster the next generation of firefighters.

“I’ll always remember to stop drop and roll,” said Karoline, 5th grade. “The helmet was heavier than I thought it would be, and I learned that they have saws that can break through cars to get people trapped in there out.”

Lithia Springs Elementary will be the next lucky after-school site to have a surprise visit from the fire department. Be on the lookout for photos on our website under “student activities” for your child’s location.

On behalf of everyone at BSAC, we would like to thank the Hillsborough County Fire Department for their continuous involvement in educating our after-school students.




Written By:   Carli Walko – BSAC Marketing Director