Many students at BSAC are involved in multiple programs, but Jon Jon strives to do it all. After being referred by a friend on the BSAC Blue Wave Swim Team, John John began participating in four separate sports programs. He makes the long commute from Treasure Island almost every day of the week to catch all his lessons in swimming, diving, football, and tennis.

“The thing that really got us involved at BSAC are all the opportunities to learn lifelong sports in one place” said Nicole Humphreys, John John’s mother.

John John believes all his sports training is interconnected, helping him acquire more mobility, endurance and strength no matter the exercise. He works closely with BSAC coaches to create short and long term goals that are motivating and attainable. Right now he is working to level up a ball in tennis, improve catching skills in football and improve his breaststroke in swimming.

“John John is very determined and he has a strong work ethic” said swim coach Steve Rudasill. “He gets in to get the business done which is always a good model for other swimmers.”

His favorite program at BSAC is currently diving. He enjoys working on long term skills that progress over time such as stretching for increased flexibility. He also enjoys running and practicing jumps on dry land before moving to the diving board.

“He’s got a great attitude” said diving coach Chris Colwill. “I definitely appreciate his work ethic and his readiness to show up to practice and have fun as well.”

“I’ve been here two months now and absolutely love it! BSAC is so awesome” said John John.

Among his many accomplishments, John John has already published a book titled Be Amazing, and is the world’s youngest motivational speaker. It all started with a magic trick from his grandmother, which gave him the motivation to become the world’s youngest practicing magician by the time he was four years old. He enjoyed visiting hospitals and bringing toys to foster children, but was heartbroken to learn many could not keep the gifts due to weakened immune systems and risk of infection. After joining a free club for kids at the Magic Emporium, John John put together a performance for the children at the hospital, giving them a different kind of gift.

After meeting an associate of motivational speaker Les Brown, Jon Jon joined the Les Brown Institute and has now spoken for an audience as large as 2,800 people. “I used to go to the hospital and motivate one person at a time. But when I saw motivational speaking, I thought I could help more people become the best versions of themselves” said John John.

“I am so proud of him and always encourage him to try new things, but to always do his best when he tries those things. I don’t care if he fails as long as he gave 110%” said Nicole Humphreys.

The BSAC community is always looking for ways to make a positive impact in the lives of those around us. We are thrilled to have John John participate in BSAC programming, and look forward to seeing the many things he will accomplish.





Written By: Carli Walko

BSAC Director of Marketing