Congratulations to Mariah Diaz and Dennis Moore for being chosen as the BSAC Team Leaders of July! Both team members have continuously stepped up in their respective roles to make a difference in our organization.

Mariah began working at BSAC three years ago because she wanted to learn CPR and First Aid. She gained confidence in speaking to others and taking initiative after being promoted to Lifeguard Supervisor. Her most memorable times at BSAC go back to her days in the pool as a swim instructor.

“I saw kids progress from my swimming lessons onto the Blue Wave Swim Team,” said Mariah. “I think it’s a really cool thing to do and see. I taught them a life thing, I impacted them.”

Another memorable moment for Mariah was when she received an honor of merit for rescuing a child at a different facility who had slipped underneath a waterfall. We later invited that child to BSAC for free swimming lessons to positively impact his life and future safety.

As a role model to young children, Mariah hopes to teach the importance of following rules and treating others with respect. “It’s very important to follow rules,” said Mariah. “Not just here but outside of BSAC as well. Everywhere in life you will need to follow rules.”

Mariah has a great attitude that is contagious throughout the organization. She does an excellent job at encouraging others and helping out wherever she can.

“I love my time here at BSAC,” said Mariah. “It’s a little family. Everyone gets along and we try to make each other feel appreciated all the time. It’s a fun place to work and enjoy yourself.”

Dennis started working in the café at BSAC last summer and enjoys bringing food to his team members around the campus. He’s developed key business skills from learning how to manage inventory, plan events, and market the cafe in our community.

“I love working at BSAC because the kids are a joy to talk to,” said Dennis. “I have had multiple kids try to pay in foreign currency over the summer so I’ve actually got a nice collection of foreign coins now.”

Dennis has not only been exceptional in the café, but also when he stepped up to plan our end of summer team member appreciation luncheon.

“He’s been very helpful around the café and more than just the café, BSAC as a whole,” said Brandon Burgess, Café team member. “He’s been spending his own money, taking his own time, and doing nice things for different people.”

His compassionate spirit can be felt around BSAC through small, thoughtful gestures of kindness.

“Work is so much better when you’re focused on making other people’s days better and not just your own,” said Dennis. “The biggest impact I hope I’ve made is that everyone had a moment when they felt better because of something I had done.”

The BSAC family is proud to recognize these two outstanding team members for their positive impact in our organization and the lives of others. Thank you for going above and beyond!




Written By: Carli Walko

BSAC Director of Marketing