Students use their minds well to solve problems, create products, draw meaning, and make connections. In short, they learn to learn, coached by counselors who observe and guide their efforts. Students invest effort to complete homework assignments of good quality and to earn top grades.


Time Management: The art of ensuring there is enough time to do everything one wants and needs to do. Students learn to set and keep schedules and to manage and organize assignments, tasks, and responsibilities.

Smart Studying: The art of retaining skills and knowledge   via effective study skills and habits. Students learn to adopt the right attitude, choose the right environment, and set a realistic schedule for learning.

Self-Directed Learning: The art of learning how to learn — more effectively and efficiently — for school and the world outside of school. Students select, manage, and assess theme-based projects,learning, to plan, create, process, and evaluate their own learning activities.

Cooperative Learning: The art of working together and applying individual strengths and levels of abilities to deepen understanding and achievement. Confident students are motivated to learn from and work well with others.


  • Write and update a resume
  • Create and manage a portfolio of work to self-assess and showcase theme-based projects.
  • Search the web for relevant and factual information.
  • Use memory games and other creative learning tools to retain and apply knowledge.
  • One-on-one tutoring (available for an extra charge).