Students tap into their talents, interests, passions, and skills with activities that spark curiosity and deepen their motivation to learn. Enrichment is found in the journey as much as in the destination, with an open and inquisitive attitude to explore new and familiar hobbies, past times, and pursuits.


Initiative: The art of assessing and initiating things independently. Students exhibit genuine motivation, persistence, and goal-directed behavior when they engage in activities that spark their curiosity and engage their skills and talents.

Engagement in Learning: The art of wanting to do more and dig deeper to excel. Students who are curious and passionate about what they do are more confident, motivated, and determined to learn.

Communication Skills: The art of communication takes many forms, aided by a rich array of activities designed to tap into ideas, emotions, and talents. Students as good listeners of other people’s ideas in turn learn to express their thoughts and ideas with confidence.


  • Cooking clinics.
  • Performing and communication arts, including dance, theater, writing, and drawing.
  • Chess
  • Book Club