Students regroup, reorganize, and recharge, allowing for a successful transition from the “school day” to the “after school day.” Students unwind and gear up for activities predicated on their individual needs and designed to encourage them to work well with peers and engage positively with supportive adults


Interpersonal Skills: The art of socializing respectfully, with the expectation to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. The focus is on “people skills” necessary to succeed at work, at  home, and in the community.

Decency and Trust: The art of establishing a safe, fair, generous, and tolerant  afTer school environment. Students thrive in an environment of unanxious expectation, trust, and decency.

Stress-Management: The art of putting things in perspective and achieving a state of restfulness. Students who recognize and manage stress, through mindfulness, meditation, and  just slowing down, feel less anxious and more powerful, resilient, and self-assured.

Manners and Etiquette: The art of doing the right thing despite the hustle and bustle of a busy day and life. From the classroom to the dinner table, a well-rounded student is polite, acts appropriately, and cleans up after themselves.


  • Time to eat a snack.
  • Time to read, unwind, reset, review the day’s work, and prepare for what’s next.
  • Time to socialize with others in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Time to work with counselors to help break down and set up for the next round of activities.
  • Time to help others with what they need to accomplish.