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Available Options

  • VPK Only: Free when registered through the state.
    • 4 yrs
    • 9am-12pm 
  • VPK Plus Early Drop Off
    • 7am
    • $15/week
  • VPK Plus Lunch and Longer
    • 9am – 2pm
    • $40/week
  • VPK Full Day
    • 7am – 6:30pm
    • $95/week
  • 3 Year Old Full Day
    • $150/week
  • 3 Year Old Half Day
    • $90/week

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Pre-Kindergarten at BSAC

Welcome to The Early Childhood Center at BSAC! Our program is developmentally appropriate and addresses all aspects of your child’s cognitive, socio emotional, and physical development. Our program includes the Scholastic Curriculum, gymnastics, swimming, tennis, arts and crafts, field trip experience, and much, much more!

Parent Resources

1. VPK Registration Packet 2018-2019

2. Know Your Child Care Facility

3. Authorized Pick Up Emergency Card

4. How to Receive VPK Certificate

5. VPK Curriculum 2018

Please fill out forms and return them to member services or email them to Shelby Johnson at sjohnson@mybsac.org.

If you have any further questions, please contact call member services at (813) 689-0908.

I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of placing my children, and my grandchildren with BSAC for VPK, after school care, and summer camp for the last 12 years. My two daughters (23 and 25 years old) were gymnasts and swimmers and trained at BSAC for many years.

As life would have it, I was surprised in my early 50’s to be blessed as the primary caregiver for my young grandchildren, ages three and five. Both children had significant behavioral needs when they were placed with me and through nothing short of a remarkable team effort, the management and teachers at BSAC worked with myself, the children’s teachers, and psychologist to implement a behavior modification program. The care, effort, and dedication that the BSAC team demonstrated while working with my young grandchildren to help them was not just commendable, it was exemplary. My grandchildren have made such remarkable strides as a result of the efforts of the team approach at BSAC, that I can confidently say that they are experiencing success now in every aspect of their young lives. I attribute this to BSAC. I wholeheartedly give BSAC my highest recommendation and encourage all parents to explore it as a solution to their childcare needs.

Sabrina Gearin
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